Core values

Honesty - Treat each other with sincerity, seek truth from facts, mutual trust and mutual benefit
Dedication-Courage to take one’s responsibility, undertake due diligence, be willing to contribute
Innovation - fresh thinking, advanced management, leading technology
Collaboration - team-oriented, collaborative execution, common growth


Concept of development

Meeting customer needs and helping customers succeed is a premise for sustainable development of Baiyuan Enterprises;
"Helping customers succeed" is "the biggest success of Baiyuan";
With the spirit of creating miracles, our team is committed to bringing together Baiyuan for our common cause for a hundred years.


View of talent

Mutual trust, mutual respect, common development, and shared success.
Excellent companies and talents are interactively developed.


Management concept

People make the best of their abilities, and things make the best use of them;
Scientific decision-making, implementation in place;
Professional management, optimization process.


Spirit of enterprise

Team spirit
Enterprise development, product development, employee management, and service network terminals all require an efficient, tight, and harmonious team, requiring each member to truly identify their position, through an efficient team, complementary resources. At the same time to help customers to enhance the value, achieve the self-value of the enterprise.

Creative spirit
As a technological R & D manufacturing enterprise, continuous innovation is the driving force of sustainable development, which is reflected in the aspects of R & D, application, service, management and culture. The innovation ability and practice of each employee converge together to realize the innovation of the enterprise. Continuous breakthrough brings continuous development, enterprise constantly advocates to surpass itself, pursues persistently, constantly challenges the peak of technology, to build the competitiveness of sustainable development of enterprise.

The spirit of dedication
The growth and development of Baiyuan can not be separated from employees understanding and dedication to the company. It is the culture advocated by the company to constantly work hard with the passion of entrepreneurs.


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