Our advantage

Bringing together the latest high-quality machinery and equipment technology, with the best quality service

Professional services
We provide professional services, from product positioning, machinery production and manufacturing, our strength is outstanding, just because we work harder

Do things with heart
We use more time to communicate with customers, with more energy to focus on the design and manufacture of each machine

Many years experience
We have many years of experience in the production of machinery and equipment, serve thousands of enterprises, have rich production and manufacturing experience

Super responsibility
We use quality technical services to ensure the safety of each mechanical equipment, with more mature solutions to solve each problem

Sustainable core competitive advantage
In order to cope with the rapidly changing external market environment, Baiyuan Machinery has analyzed the internal and external environment of the company by using tools such as PEST and SWOT.

01Marketing and service advantages
Through precision marketing, multiple channel deepening, opening up overseas emerging markets, promoting multiple brand development, rapid customer service to help the company to expand the market, so as to gain the advantages of marketing.

02High efficient R & D (research and development) advantage
The company takes the advantage of technological innovation, takes the needs of external customers as the starting point, accelerates the upgrading of existing technologies, pays attention to the development and application of new materials and new processes, and meets the ever-changing product needs of customers.

03Manufacturing advantage
Through the improvement of the corresponding technical specifications, process optimization and upgrading, the implementation of production process standardization and other means to help the company achieve lean management of production, thereby helping the company to obtain the advantages of production and manufacturing;

04Talents advantage
The company has established a sound salary and welfare system, shaped employees centripetal force, enhanced intellectual capital, established high-performance organizations, and established an industry-university education system to help the company gain talents and form a core team of technical talents, thus forming the companys core competitiveness;

05Capital advantage
The company strengthens the companys capital management and control by establishing fund risk management and corporate governance mechanisms. At the same time, it establishes a comprehensive financial system and uses information technology to achieve comprehensive, transparent, and accurate financial data to help the company obtain the advantages of capital, thus providing the basic guarantee for the companys sustainable operation;


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